Saturday, 2 May 2015

SCADA systems Solutions by Softcon Chandrakant Kulkarni

In recent years, utility corporations have undergone nice changes within the manner they run their businesses. The pressure to extend profits and scale back expenses has them desegregation their SCADA systems with their business networks to contour operations. the recognition of the web has customers requesting on-line access to their accounts also as on-line bill payment, additional increasing network exposure. additionally, utility corporations have reduced prices by investing the web to facilitate core business operations like outage management and procural.

In addition, world act of terrorism has the general public and media involved regarding the protection of public-service corporation companies’ vital infrastructure and their SCADA systems. Despite the general public fears, there's no reason for utility corporations to shun the vast advantages ensuing from the combination of SCADA systems and also the benefits of the web. The threat is also real, however the measures to shield SCADA systems square measure, fortuitously, comparatively simple.

Perhaps the best danger to utility corporations is that the lack of awareness of the necessity for bigger security. several public and personal corporations dominant very important public utilities like gas, power and water, ne'er thought they'd be the target of cyber attacks and currently should implement measures to boost network security. whereas several utility corporations perform regular risk assessments of their SCADA systems, too several don't. they need become smitten by their tightly integrated digital data systems while not absolutely understanding the potential impact of a cyber attack.

SCADA systems were historically “walled off” from different systems in operation severally from the network. before the notice of attainable attacks, this gave the impression to give all the protection the SCADA system required. They were for the most part proprietary systems with such restricted access ANd occult writing that only a few individuals would have the flexibility to access them to launch an attack. Over time, however, they became integrated into the larger company network as a way to leverage their valuable knowledge and increase plant potency. Therefore, the fact is their security is currently usually solely as sturdy because the security of the network.

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