Monday, 2 March 2015

Energy observance System for Steel Plant

Requirement for steel plant
The steel manufacturer needs to observe specific energy consumption for his or her product steel with complete feeders observance together with fault analysis.

A new Energy observance system (EMS) system designed for assortment, processing, visualization, storage of on-line data/information associated with energy consumption in varied units in an exceedingly real time atmosphere. EMS Servers organized to capture information from Numeric relay and cargo trough over industrial normal protocol IEC103/Modbus through Serial lopping system. GPS system to synchronize all devices through EMS server. EMC system is intended supported client-server design victimization Windows operative platform over LAN TCP/IP LAN provided by client. The system can have graphical program for visualization and operator steering with dynamic mimics.

  • Centralized information acquisition over totally different protocol like IEC103/Modbus of energy meter and numerical relay
  • Remote shopper for remote observance
  • Report for electrical device with relevancy its performance
  • Alarms/Event work with time stamp
  • Feeder trip report
  • Breaker standing
  • period and historical information trending., Generation of Reports, information acquisition over OPC
  • Complete illustration of plant SLD with real time simulation
  • Time synchronization with GPS


  • Specific energy consumption calculation
  • Individual Feeder consumption report offer analysis tools to enhance individual feeder potency
  • EMS can offer continuous and effective observance of all instrumentation of field.
  • Energy observance System can able to offer fast attentive to service staff for any system haywire, particularly those that square measure seemingly to cause disruption to the availability of electricity to customers.
  • Management system news desires.
  • Relay trip information availabilities provided to trace the basis reason behind fault 

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