Friday, 20 March 2015

Oil & Gas platforms and offshore plants

On Oil & Gas platforms and offshore plants, in open-cast or underground mining machines, in crane installations and in steel plants - Softcon encoders operate faithfully in serious machinery within the harshest environmental conditions with mud, wet and extreme temperatures and mechanical stress. Usually, in these unfriendly environments, high-accuracy sensors reach their limits.
Encoders for useful safety and glass fibre modules for the secure optical transmission of encoder signals over long distances complete the Softcon product vary for these application fields.
Speed activity and positioning of rollers and drives within the industry
Position and movement sensors play a crucial role in steel plants. even supposing they're exposed to harsh environmental conditions, the encoders should guarantee AN uninterrupted and safe method. Softcon  encoders work steady for several years in steel plants everywhere the planet. dependableness is that the main feature, particularly for plants with terribly high in operation prices.
1. Production
Positioning and speed regulation of cranes and trucks. Rugged sensors in terribly unclean environments with high mechanical necessities concerning shock and vibration resistance.
2. Steel casting
Rolling and cutting to length of the continual strand. Use of encoders in extreme temperatures.
3. Hot rolling
Rugged speed regulation and correct positioning of the rollers. Encoders in highly regarded and damp environments. Rolling mill-suitable encoders, shock-tested and with centrifugal switches to forestall from overspeed.
4. Cold rolling
Highly dynamic speed regulation and correct roller positioning. High speeds and robust vibration and shock stress. Positioning, furthermore as speed and hoisting gear regulation of cranes.
5. More process
High-accuracy speed regulation in exciting plants. The encoders ar exposed to wet and plenty of chemicals. Positioning, furthermore as speed and hoisting gear regulation of cranes.

Chandrakant Kulkarni a CEO of Softcon System Pvt. Ltd, looks after the  complete operations of the company . He has been active in this area for more than 15 years, looking after the industries like oil & gas, power management, metals & minerals, pharma, waste management and other industries.  One of the superior combination of administrative background with technical & financial management in organization.

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