Tuesday, 10 March 2015

EMS for Solar Energy Plant

Requirement for Solar Energy Plant
The solar energy plant owner needs to integrate all parameter in single SCADA. the aim is to observe, management and build show the info over net

An Energy observance system designed for assortment, processing, image, storage, control. It consists of observance and management half. observance system collects the info from energy meter /numerical relay and system. The system provided the management over breakers, isolators, faucet changers.


  • Knowledge Acquisition from completely different devices over protocol.
  • Complete SLD illustration with live worth.
  • Knowledge work, Data logging  and reporting.
  • Alarms /events for abnormality
  • Management of Breakers/Isolators/Tap Changer


  • Centralized knowledge offers correct report for generation
  • Abnormal conditions log provides fault diagnostic
  • Complete generation report
  • Complete plant observance over net

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