Thursday, 18 December 2014

AMC Services provider Chandrakant kulkarni CEO of Softcon

We believe technology and skill go hand-in-hand and that we attempt to bring innovative AMC solutions to our investors everyday. we offer a spread of technology driven initiatives to empower quality Management corporations grow business and cut prices. To cater to the immense capitalist base that quality Management service, it's been our constant endeavor to rescale and meet the trade demands through our high standards of service. to boost our investor's expertise, our main goal is designing  associate degree easy-to-use interface to help quality Management in accessing knowledge that's pronto accessible in customary formats which will be customized and prepared to transfer.

Customized services for quality Management include:

Asset Management exclusive service:

Each quality Management Company contains a consumer Relationship Manager, United Nations agency acts as one purpose of Contact (SPOC). The quality Management corporations square measure well equipped with centralized process zones for key areas to easily the method. to confirm clarity and transperency, regular consumer conferences square measure command with the quality Management corporations.

Risk Management and Compliance:
Softcon complies with all the standards set by regulators. the danger Management team contains a comprehensive ISSP and BCP set up, a zealous Risk Management committee and comprehensive and synchronal audits square measure conducted often.

Application Support System:

Our internet application, a front application, through that transactions square measure processed from the branches has been developed keeping visible the time and price reduction advantages. every worker has associate degree ID on KBOLT. the opposite support functions square measure.

MIS and call Support:
Softcon contains a robust MIS , through that reports square measure generated at nominal intervals. There square measure a set of over five hundred mature reports, a dynamic report generation mechanism and consumer intranets.

Electronic Interfaces:
Through the Electronic Interface, Electronic Interchange of knowledge is formed straightforward. EDI with fund accountants, EDI with multiple banks, EDI with distributors and Remote process interfaces square measure done through this.

Chandrakant Kulkarni CEO of Softcon Systems Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading AMC Services & solutions provider for various industrial area like oil and gas, process, food and drink, coal handling.

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