Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Future of Advanced Automation Industry

As makers push for tighter tolerances, smaller elements, and quicker turnaround, advanced industrial automation solutions continues to own widespread applications in AN increasing range of industries. Design Engineering Automation not solely will increase half repeatability in small and ultra-precision machining processes; it considerably reduces the labor needed to provide vicinity. Eliminating labor prices reduces per-piece prices, particularly in higher volume applications, and insulates the client against future value volatility attributable to the market.
The future of advanced automation continues to evolve. As technology is developed to fulfill manufacturer’s demands, customers still push the bounds of machining speed and exactitude,   
resulting in a nonstop cycle of innovation within the field of exactitude automobile engineering.
Automation solutions entail variety of electronic and mechanical devices. One side of advanced  
automation systems, and maybe the foremost obvious, is that the electronic motion controller.  
Electronic motion controllers confirm the speed and position of the machine, unremarkably a  
linear mechanism or an electrical motor. The primary electronic motion controllers were  
designed victimization cumbersome proprietary programming computer code distinctive to  
every machine manufacturer. 
As the want for system integration within the development of machine-controlled producing 
cells grew, PLC controllers gained favor. This technology allowed users to program  
managements supported additional common code and provided reliable and period of time  
control over machining processes. 

As older technology becomes obsolete and needs replacement, the event of PC-based controls
continues to grow. Previous problems with philosophical theory prevented widespread use of
PC-based controls.  
Softcon is offering unique, creative industrial automation solutions to the area of Design and  
Engineering, Software development, Procurement, manufacturing and supply of PLC and MCC  
for Coal Handling System as well as offering Complete Electrical & Instrumentation package
under guidance of Softcon CEO - Chandrakant kulkarni . SOFTCON SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED’s 
aim is providing effective, stable and highly improved performance visibility and reduced complexity 
in each products and services. 
This seamless integration of management and observance results in reduced period on the
plant floor and raised reliability in machined components.       



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