Monday, 3 February 2014

A safety and Sensible Automation Solutions

SOFTCON SYSTEMS PVT. LTD presents a safety and sensible industrial automation solutions. The concerning link between safety and responsibility, specifically in however maintenance practices impact safety in industrial plants

Reactive maintenance is  costly as a  lot of pro-active approach  we need to notice the maintenance activities—especially special repairs—create the things during which injuries and even fatal accidents are  lot of seemingly to occur sometime. 

Softcon conjointly talked concerning the result between operations and maintenance functions once the target is simply to stay the plant up and running. Neither aspect is willing to require responsibility for stepping back and raising the general method.

Interestingly, this is often mostly a cultural issue. Softcon noted that in things wherever a plant's maintenance, staff performance, constant service staff is in a position to provide much better results. The rationalization of the operating relationship between the teams forces negotiation of the problems. 

we offers distinctive, inventive and sensible process automation Design Engineering solutions, procurement, FAT(Factory Acceptance Test)and Site Acceptance Test and Commissioning  within the field of process method & Power  on an LSTK / EPC based on responsibility. 

SOFTCON is unendingly exploring the most recent technology as per market expectations and developing experience through their international expertise and extremely virtuoso workers and expert world leader partners to support clients to require advantage of such developments.

SOFTCON also offers Complete Electrical & Instrumentation package based on EPC/LSTK. We use unique system, together with our own products of Design   Engineering specifically designed to the area of Process & Power. more at


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